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Code Black 2015
Drama | Medical
In the new medical drama Code Black, Angels Memorial Hospital is the busiest ER in the nation. A "code black" occurs when there are more patients than resources, and you’re either praying for a miracle or performing one.
Season 02
02x01 Second Year (1 week ago)
Season 01
01x18 Blood Sport (1 week ago)
01x17 Love Hurts (1 week ago)
01x16 Hail Mary (1 week ago)
01x15 Diagnosis of Exclusion (1 week ago)
01x14 The Fifth Stage (1 week ago)
01x13 First Date (1 week ago)
01x12 The Fog of War (1 week ago)
01x11 Black Tag (1 week ago)
01x10 Cardiac Support (1 week ago)
01x09 The Son Rises (1 week ago)
01x08 You Are the Heart (1 week ago)
01x07 Buen Árbol (1 week ago)
01x06 In Extremis (1 week ago)
01x05 Doctors with Borders (1 week ago)
01x04 Sometimes It's a Zebra (1 week ago)
01x03 Pre-Existing Conditions (1 week ago)
01x02 We Plug Holes (1 week ago)
01x01 Pilot (1 week ago)